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           Welcome to Sub Zero Racing Team. . . ,


 This site is a meeting area for those who have a passion for  the mastery  of  a  racing  line,  the  art  of  vinyl  editing,  and  the  sensation  you  get  from  the  adrenaline  rush  of  traveling  200+  mph. . .  This is SZRT. . .   A  team  formed  by  SZRT _CIC _Ice  on  Midnight  Club  Los Angeles  湾岸  for  the  PlayStation  3  Home  Entertainment,  Gaming,  Media,  And  BluRay   system.  SZRT is an online racing team created for the soul purpose of fun, respectful competition, and social gathering. . .  If you enjoy getting together and talking about cars, looking @ cars, racing cars, driving cars, tuning cars, and designing vinyls and body kits in an environment that strives on being chill, having some laughs, and keeping a cool attitude, then SZRT is the place for you!!!


           SZRT is a non-controversial team. . .  MEANING:  We do not go around, looking for teams and people to harass, talk profanely to, or jus' attack verbally. If this is your agenda, and if this is what YOU are about, then We kindly ask that you do not waste our time. . . Fore @ the 1st offense of anything like this you will kindly (Or not so kindly. . .) be asked to leave depending on the circumstances of the situation. . . We ask that all respectable prospects for the team keep with the Creed, Motto, and Ways of "Team Zero". . .  Once you join, you are no longer a representative of oneself, but of a group. . .  We are a " Brotherhood of Racers " and will not be brought down by a "Rookie with a Napoleon complex"... We give respect where it's due... " Good Racing Man!!! " (Cheaters get no respect...)


           More so, we are looking for Loyal Members only. . . We are not on a quest to be the biggest team in the online racing league and "  Crew Hoppers " are not welcomed here.  If you are currently on a team and dealing with bad circumstances, then we welcome you, but if you are bored with your team and you're just looking for the next " Big thing " then we urge you... STAY WHERE YOU ARE, OR GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! We have no desire to be the next team on your list while you're on your conquest of hopping from one team to the next through every team on the racing circuit. . . ,


With that set aside, I, The President of Sub Zero Racing Team, SZRT_CIC_Ice, would like to send you a  Freezing Cold welcome, and invite you to be a part of the legacy that is. . .




           SZRT is in no-way affiliated with RockStar Games, Midnight Club L.A., Or Any other platform listed on this site...

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